Begin Again Video Shoot and Recording

Shooting for the stars…

It’s been a while since I  released a single and music video. Where ? How? Who? Why? Read on and I’ll open up to you about my very exciting day of shooting, recording and the idea behind my upcoming single BEGIN AGAIN.

My very first music video and single was “Let you Go”, which we shot and recorded in Austria in summer 2015. Since then I experienced a LOT since I’ve come to the buzzing music metropole London. Because of constantly performing gigs, playing Open Mics, writing songs, rehearsing and working there was not a lot of time left for the serious process of releasing a single. After being on stage at least 3 times a week and people asked where they can find my current music I had to shrug my shoulders and give in that I never took time off for this exciting project. I contacted a producer and videographers and eventually, thoughts turned into reality.



6 hours of shooting a music video might not seem very long or exhausting but keeping in mind that it was windy 10 Degree it might affect the situation more, bearing in mind that I was only wearing a light top and skirt. My filming team consisting of Anna Brant and Bel Rickard, two film students from South England, did a great job 🙂
Compared with my previous “Let you Go” my new single BEGIN AGAIN has much more elegance and romance involved in the video. White ornamental walls with ivy hanging from it and long alleys towards an ancient building describe the scene that we’ve been shooting in. The location is in Hampstead Heath’s “Pergola and Hill Gardens” in North West London. In the video, I will personalize the ongoing persuit of success, and that in the end efforts will be paid off if you keep doing what you love.


is about the unconditionally drive, self-motivation, and passion that musicians and artists and any kind of talented person need to gather in order to face the everyday life with setbacks like competition or anger. It might not be easy to keep going and following your goals when you have negative experiences but it is the best motivation and the only way up. If you keep believing and working hard towards your dream you will eventually get there. Sometimes it is just a single person, like your mum or best friend, who keeps believing in yourself and is 100% convinced of your talent, that is all it takes to keep going.


The music was recorded in the studio of Aaron Thompson, a North-London based producer and multi-instrumentalist, who got recommended to me by a very good friend. In 3 sessions we recorded piano, cello, bass, drums, and vocals! The talented Jessica Lucia on the cello and the musically Steven on the drums are part of my live band. The recording sessions were an efficient and creative experience. The mixing and mastering will be finished in two weeks time, then the music video will be synchronized. And after another 1-2 weeks, I shall present my 2nd Music Video with you !!!

I am excited to share the music and the video with you, in the mid of March it should be ready to be released 🙂

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,