My experience with The Voice of Germany and The X Factor

At the XFacor 2018 in Cologne

I’m going to be an open book – sharing with you my experiences with casting shows and competitions RIGHT NOW!
First of all, I was curious to see how far I would get on a “commercial” singing competition.


At the first stage at The Voice of Germany you will enter the room with 20 other singers, each get to sing 30 SECONDS! with the result of the jury (PR and Social Media) only choosing 1-3 singers out of this round.
At the second stage you will meet the marketing jury, and get to sing one full song in front of 2 cameras. If you’re lucky and get to the 3rd stage you will sing in front of The VOICE of Germany representers, vocal coaches and SONY people with 3 cameras. I would always come until this stage being told that “I should give my voice another year to reach it’s full potential and come back”

MY EXPERIENCE with The XFactor Germany

Different to The Voice, here you get to sing 2 full songs on your own in front of two vocal coaches. They wanted to get to know me and had a chat about my musical background.
When being lucky you get to the 2nd stage which was performing of A&R People of XFactor and Marketing Scouts, 2-3 full songs and they took time to listen. At this point they try to see above your potential, especially if you have an unique selling point. They did see it in me and invited me to the live audition on TV with the jury Sido, Jennifer Rostock, etc.

It was a very hot day in Cologne, there were 4 days where the live auditions took place with 25 acts per day. After being held for 5 hours in the waiting/chill out area it was finally my turn to go and perform live in front of 500 people + jury. My heart was beating like never before and I impressed again (3 from 4 yes) – Despited being told that I was one of the best singers so far, the jury advised to improve my stage presence.

After 2 weeks I was invited with the remaining singers for the culling and following chair challenge. Therefore I had to perform acapella 30 seconds of any song in front of one of the jury. It was Lion’s Head that was the coach for the “best females under 25”. It was held in a very fancy industrial building in Cologne, lots of camera teams and interviewers, lots of make up was put on girls and hair fixed with hairspray. I felt a bit awkward but thought to myself “it’s all an experience”. Finally everyone got to sing 30 seconds and Lion’s head decided for 10 girls – not including me.
This was the end of my journey at The XFactor, having seen behind the scenes and realised how much it is fixed as a show.

I do have to say that there was more appreciation and humanity at The XFactor, still both shows are made for entertainment and not solely for music.

Anyway, Try it out and see for yourself what you think 🙂 It made me aware of my appearance on stage, being compared with a variety of artists which is not the norm.
Music cannot be judged by the taste of 4 people, it is a very subjective matter and personalised art.

Remember, these shows are purely entertainment and should not really use people’s fragile art of music in order to create entertainment through comparing what cannot be compared! Most of all don’t take it serious, at the end of the day it’s all a money-making machine 🙂