Music Video Shoot for “SAVE MYSELF”

Challenging yourself makes a better you …

Last week was the day that we shot the music video for my upcoming single SAVE MYSELF. It was exciting, nerve-wracking but a great experience! Planning and coordinating everything by oneself without a big team behind one is a valuable learn-process.
In this blog, I’ll explain how the video was created, from the very first idea to shooting the video.

1. I need an idea
I wanted to achieve a video which portrays emotions of various people on different levels. Even if we feel the same we won’t look or show it in the same way. I aimed to show as many different people, different personalities, races, and ages and let them all act out certain emotions which go hand in hand with my song and the meaning behind it.

2. I need actors
In order to find many undiscovered talents, I used “” where many artists (musicians, actors, poets,..) are looking for their new opportunity. After I made a public call I received almost 100 applications, where from I chose 15 actors. So many people were intrigued by the idea behind the video, which confirmed me in the meaning behind it.

3. I need a camera team
This one was easy. The work of Anna Brand and BelRickard, who filmed my previous video “Begin Again”, was efficient and professional and I really wanted to have them on board again. They agreed to work with me again straight away 🙂
Picture is from my music video BEGIN AGAIN (video by Anna Brant and Bel Rickard) :

4. I need a studio
As London is THE city of opportunities and options I had many studios to chose from. However, studios who fit my budget were on the rare side which seemed quite an issue before.
After talking to some people I got recommended the STUDIO101 in Deptford – affordable and easy access.
Link to studio :

5. I need a screen plot/ storyboard
That’s where my creative skills we demanded more than ever. Creating a video screen plot for every 3 seconds of the story is harder than it might sound. Having reference videos are at this point essential. Luckily some of the actors (especially acting talent Annie Knox) were experienced in being part of music video and supported me with creative thoughts, ideas and smart transitions between emotions of actors alongside the lyrics of the song. We finally created a storyboard that fits with the message of the song while portraying emotions through different faces.

6. Day of the shooting
It was surprisingly easy to find a date that fit all actors, bearing in mind I gave them 3 weeks notice beforehand. On the day I was very excited and a bit nervous too because I have never done a shoot with so many people before.
Everyone arrived on time, motivated and keen to shoot right away. After the arrival I introduced the steps of the shoot and what to expect.
All actors were quick at translating my instructions into actions and did a great job in front of the camera. After 5 hours the shoot was done and I was very very happy and grateful, so were the others.

“SAVE MYSELF” will be released in October 2017 – stay tuned and updated here on my website and on my facebook page

Thank you for supporting my music!


Maddy Rose