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Maddy Rose is a Vienna based Soul/Pop artist and songwriter, with influences of Jazz and Blues. The petit young lady carries her tunes with a deep and emotive voice while accompanying herself with jazzy piano chords. Having Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Carole King as influences gives the heart-felt music some nostalgic feel while confidently portraying female power.

With the age of 18 years old she moved to London, where she lived for 4 years and studied Songwriting. In that time she performed live more than 250 gigs and released the singles “Begin Again” and “Save Myself” as well as her BLOSSOM EP. Maddy got featured 3 times on the BBC Radio Introducing, appeared as “Austrian Newcomer” on the German Music TV show “Gotv Local Hero” and got played on various Austrian radio stations.

Being back in Vienna, Maddy Rose dives into the Austrian Music scene with the aim to release also German Soul Pop music and enhance the Austrian music market with her London music influence.


Maddy Rose vereint Soul und Pop mit ihrer vollen Jazz Stimme, viel Emotion und soulvollen Arrangements. 3 Jahre lang studierte die junge Salzburgerin in London, und nimmt viel Einfluss aus ihrem Songwriting Studium und den unzähligen Auftritten in Bars und Events in London. “Amy Winehouse meets Lady Gaga” oder “Duffy Tribute” sind manche Beschreibungen die auf die blonde Sängerin zutreffen.
Seit kurzem schreibt Maddy auch auf deutsch und schreibt in ihren Texten über eigene philosophische Ansichten, dem Sinn des Lebens und der Liebe.

“Maddy Rose’s voice is distinct, powerful and strong.” – audience comment

“Maddy I never thanked you enough for playing these gorgeous songs. My friends haven’t stopped talking about how much they liked your music. It’s like a mix of Duffy and Amy Winehouse” – Charity Event Host

“Your performance was musical, competent, and had an element of personalization. You can clearly perform with a confidence, and I can see potential to move into a commercial market.” – A&R UK Open Mic



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