Maddy Rose

Singer-Songwriter ⋅ Soul ⋅ Pop ⋅ Jazz




Maddy Rose is a singer/songwriter with a strong and emotive voice which is coupled with soulful piano chords, creating a unique Soul/Pop style with influences of Jazz and Blues.

In the age of 18 years old she moved from Austria to London in order to study Songwriting and pursue her dream. Her first Single “Let you Go” was released in 2015, her 2nd Single “Begin Again” was released in March 2017. “Begin Again” was played at BBC Radio Introducing, on various Dutch and Austrian radio stations and Maddy got featured for 2 weeks to appear as “Austrian Newcomer” on the German Music TV show “Gotv Local Hero”.

Maddy never misses any opportunety to perform live, from intimate Open Mics to big shows, primarily in London. On the piano she gets often accompanied by Cellist, Jessica, and her percussionist, Steven, in order to truly give the audience a musical experience that touches the soul. Flying between Austria and London she builds fan bases in both countries and writes german and English songs.

Her sound is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Carol King and Adele. With influences of Soul, jazzy RnB, and Motown-Ballads.

“Maddy Rose’s voice is distinct, powerful and strong.” – audience comment

” Amazing voice, the piano accompaniment in the intro is great. Keep at it. With a voice like that it shouldnt be long before someone notices it. ” – Audiu

“Maddy I never thanked you enough for playing these gorgeous songs. My friends haven’t stopped talking about how much they liked your music. I can see you are reaching for those stars. I hope you reach them, although you are already a shining star!” – Charity Event Host

“Your performance was musical, competent, and had an element of personalization. You can clearly perform with a confidence, and I can see potential to move into a commercial market.” – A&R UK Open Mic


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  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Live Music Band @ Sofar Sounds Sessions, London
    Solar Sounds London
  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Live Music @ Sofar Sounds Session 2016
  • Jessica from Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Live Music Band @ The Bedford October 2016
    Bedford London Oct 2016
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  • 15995149_1548805708481340_6832458001184608412_o
  • 16990389_1599504883411422_873557203_o
  • IMG_6519
  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Live Music Band @ The Old Queen's Head, London
    The Old Queens Head London
  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Live Music @ Kunsthilfe Salzburg, Austria
    Performance in Salzburg 2015
  • 16903280_10154541466158802_5320251504779857025_o
  • 15440564_1866425846937392_1460205575700429275_o
  • IMG_6519
  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose and her band Live Music @ The Bedford London October 2016
    Bedford London Oct 2016
  • Singer-Songwriter Maddy Rose Schloss Hellbrunn Austria
    Performance Salzburg June 2015


Maddy Rose Live @ Sound Lounge

June 21st 2017

21st of June 2017

7.30pm - FREE ENTRY

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Maddy Rose Live @ The Spice of Life

June 11th 2017

June 11th 2017

8 PM - £4 Entry

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